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The title is agenda. This book documents the view of the photographer Morten Andersen, who staggered through New York in 1990/ 1991. This daze was caused by – as the title already mentions - jetlag and alcohol.

Somehow Andersen is out of it, but nevertheless awake and fearless. He photographs in bars and nightclubs in the underground, at the river, in run-down backyards, on the sidewalk – by day and at night. He meets people of all ages, who run through their everyday life either stressed out, smiling or indifferent. Street musicians play, homeless people hang or lie, prostitutes stand around or cross the way, car wracks sink into the river, piles of rubbish pile up at the wayside and graffiti send encoded messages.

The pictures of this ramble are straightforward, immediate and spontaneous. They mirror the photographer’s blurry perception, tell from his encounters with the people and places of New York and form a fascinating tunnel vision-portrait of the city and its inhabitants.

We thank Morten Andersen for these pictures and are glad that nothing bad happened.

The book has been signed by the artist. The edition is limited to 500 copies.
Shadowlab, 2009 /// 255 x 195 mm /// 192 pages /// 187 duotone illustrations /// Hardcover /// English /// edition of 500

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