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MORTEN ANDERSEN /// ASS TIME GOES BY, TURBONEGRO 1990 - 98         de | en
“If you remember the 90’s you weren’t there.” – With that quotation from Happy-Tom the book begins. This is the only text and that is sufficient. The pictures speak for themselves. Morten Andersen has accompanied the Norwegian rock band Turbonegro from 1990 to 1998.

In dynamic black and white photographs he documents their life at and behind the stage, their legendary shows, their fans, their cult. The dynamic of the pictures electrifies oneself - A photographic dedication to Turbonegro.

The book has been signed by the artist.

Hit Me!, 2008 /// 170 x 234 mm /// 512 pages /// 315 b&w illustrations /// softcover /// English /// signed by the artist

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