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Unimposing, not very attractive objects are photographed in front of differently colored backgrounds. The varying formats, which are adjusted to the objects, give the depicted items a right to importance…

But what is so special about a can of beans, about a bibelot figure split in the middle, about a tampon or lady’s shoes? All these objects, which the photographer Boris Becker shows in his series “Fakes”, are objects, which have been collected in the evidence vault of the Customs Criminological Office in Cologne. They all are linked to a crime: objects, which violate against import- or export orders and which are exposed as objects of the product piracy and primarily as smuggled goods.

That way a hairdresser’s chair from Brazil and an oxygen flask from Columbia become hiding-places for cocaine, a fence post and an armchair are filled with cigarette packets and a Fisherman‘s Friend-package contains Viagra-pills.

On the one hand the images focus on the texture of the objects and on the other hand of course on the nosy question what exactly characterizes this or that item. The title gives the answer and gives away the kind of crime as well as the country of origin. One is surprised what is revealed and smilingly marvels at the inventiveness, which is unlimited.

This book really is uniquely entertaining, detects every unexpected FAKE and tells its very own story.

Darling Publications, 2009 /// 220 x 170 mm /// 224 pages /// numerous color illustrations /// hardcover /// with essays in English, German and translations in traditional Chinsese /// limited to 1.000 copies

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