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MICHAEL PARKER /// LINEMAN         de | en
More than two dozen vertically erected logs on a compound in the middle of Los Angeles. On them you can see men in protective clothing, climbing up with the help of leather belts and accomplish different exercises: climbing and breathing exercises, constructions and repairings. Effort and concentration, but also pride can be read in their faces. The 50 men in the age between 18 and 46 belong to the graduating class 2009 of the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College and have completed their lineman-education successfully.

Michael Parker has been one of them. As an artist and student of the “University of Southern California’s Roski School of Fine Art” he wanted to investigate the potential of art in society. For six months he did that in cooperation with the lineman-class 2009.

The yearbook in newspaper format introduces the individual course participants and allows an insight into their backgrounds and the role of the lineman-education in their life. You gets to know the most diverse characters: the adventuresome sportsman, men who have lost their jobs or businesses due to the economic crisis, a nutritionist in search of variety, a zen-monk or veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan. For many of them the course is an important step, represents a change or an absolute restart in their life.

In this year, this is for sure, all participants could learn more than repairing power lines. Such pictures no one has ever seen before. More art in society please. For now the poster hangs in my office as a prototype.

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, 2009 /// 290 x 435 mm /// 60 pages /// numerous color illustrations /// journal incl. poster /// English

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