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HARF ZIMMERMANN /// BRAND WAND         de | en
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The towering, sliced ​​at first glance lifeless walls of tenements dominated German cities after the bombing during the Second World War. Fire walls, originally integrated in the construction of the buildings and not visible from the street, now stood out harshly. In both parts of Berlin and in eastern Germany they remained a defining element of the urban landscape over decades. Unplanned and unloved by many the empty spaces in urban areas at the same time gave the cities a distinctive face, with the scars of history on the surface and a feeling of open spaces, waiting to be used in new ways.

After the end of the GDR and in the course of the ongoing real estate boom empty sites disappear and lots of old buildings in East Germany are renovated and their firewalls usually glossed over or covered by new buildings.

Before all is gone forever, Harf Zimmermann has photographed fire walls in Berlin and other East German cities over a period of 15 years. As symbols of collapse, of new beginnings and of failures the walls bear traces of German history: bullet holes, shrapnel, soot, outlines of former buildings, emergency repairs and individual alterations by residents. They are densely covered, bare or plastered and sometimes covered with graffiti and advertising.

In Harf Zimmermann´s magnificent and richly detailed large format photographs we can actually feel the whole weight of German post war history. Beautiful to look at anyway.
Steidl 2015 /// 108 Pages /// 37.5 x 29.5 cm ///Hardcover, Clothbound with dust jacket /// Essay by Robert Polidori /// Englisch

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