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The Seconds Pass /// Booksigning with Ed Templeton

31. MAI BIS 31. MAI 2010

Ed Templeton kommt für ein paar Tage nach Berlin und er hat sein neues Buch THE SECONDS PASS im Gepäck. In Kooperation mit MOTTO, Berlin und SEEMS, NY nutzen wir die Gelegenheit und laden zum BOOKSIGNING in unseren 25books Store.

MONTAG, 31. MAI 2010, 18:00 UHR

Weiter in english :-)

The American painter, drawing artist and photographer Ed Templeton (b. 1972) tells the story of his life, a story that also makes comments on the society in which he lives. Templeton presents his images free from hierarchy, focusing on the world of punk and skateboarding, friends, family, himself and his wife… From intimately to far outside, he effortlessly couples autobiographical fragments with a universal imagery. The result is an exhibition which presents itself as ‘a story’, fed and corroborated by photographs, paintings and sketches that roam through the spaces, free from hierarchy.

About his new book ›The Seconds Pass‹ he says:
For the preceding 22 years I have been a passenger all over the world, shooting pictures through the glass at those ephemeral winks, those trifles and curios that one races past, never enough time to stop. And what better social study is there than driving and looking?

I would like to add my own comment, but just like you, I have not seen the book so far. But of course I am looking forward to have it in store for the show and I am sure, it will be a great experience to share the evening with Ed Templeton and friends.

You are welcome to join us for the booksigning on
monday, may 31, 6 pm at ›25books‹

25books /// Brunnenstraße 152 /// 10115 BERLIN

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Booksigning with Ed Templeton
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