Two weeks ago Ed Templeton was guest in our 25books-store in order to present his new book. We had 20 copies in store and they sold really quickly. Now the replenishment has arrived.

Ed Templeton is a painter, graphic artist and photographer. The world of punk and of skateboarding is his home, with his pictures and books he delivers fascinating insights into the scene, pictures with such a density and authenticity, which can only be generated by an insider, including images of his family, his friends, his wife and of himself. What makes his pictures so exceptionally valuable is that they always reach beyond the microcosm from which they emerge.

In his new book ›The Seconds Pass‹ we experience how it looks like when Ed Templeton doesn’t focus on the inside but on the outside. For more than 20 years he has travelled a lot, especially with the car, he sees how the world passes by his eyes and takes pictures: Streets, landscapes, motorbikes, accidents, smoking chimneys, crossroads, pedestrians and many curious situations, which intrigue us, which we would follow if time allowed it.

Ed Templeton has assembled these ephemeral impressions to a road trip, which leaves time and space behind and which, in the light of the plurality of incidents, painfully reminds us how limited our own horizon is. That is why this one has become a very, very melancholic book.

Welcome to the microcosm – whichever.

Seems, 2010 /// 285 x 195 mm /// 154 pages /// numerous color and b&w illustrations /// 4 color offset printing /// edition of 1.000 copies /// Hardcover /// English

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