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›What flowers there?‹ was the name of a book that more than 30 years ago was always at your fingertips at home. A book with pictures and information on countless plants encountered in forest and fields, often without knowing anything about them. Very often we have opened it.

Anne Schwalbe´s ›Wiese‹ (meadow) of course is not an identification book but even a hike with many such encounters and discoveries. Flowers, grasses, ferns - they are simply there and radiate in an unnamed grassy paradise. Almost too beautyful to be true.

The clear layout, the particular choice of materials, the special finishing - everything contributes to the fact, that we step on this meadow slowly and cautiously, look around in peace and can enjoy the often overlooked gems.

Every E-Mail, my friend Wolfgang Beinert sends, ends with the words: EVERYTHING GOOD IS FRAGILE - SAVE IT!

This also is the message of Anne Schwalbe´s WIESE.
2011 /// 210 x 270 mm /// 48 pages /// 20 color images /// German / Latin /// 500 signed and numbered copies

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