German history, military history in particular. Not necessarily sexy, this subject. But I like this book anyway.

In addition to Peter Granser photographs, the volume contains two brief but important texts. The statement just reads:

›The village of Gruorn on the Swabian Alb highlands was forcibly evacuated between 1937 and 1939 due to the expansion of the Münsingen military training ground. The area was used for over 100 years by the military and is thus closely bound up with the history of the German armed forces. In 2005 the terrain, still strongly contaminated with projectiles and unexploded ordnance, was declared a biosphere reserve.‹:

Highly emotional with a feel of despair on the other hand is the letter sent by the mayor of Gruorn to the district administrator in 1937. He writes regarding the impending eviction:

›It is a tragic fate to be forced to give up that which we cling to with all our hearts, our homeland and livelihoods indeed in a certain sense life as we know it.‹

Peter Granser photographed the plow, scarred, unpopulated terrain in clear long shots and close-ups in black and white. A second series shows mortar shells, tank ammunition, rifle grenades and the likes photographed in color against a light studio background. A comparison with Peter Granser´s previous series, such as ›Sun City‹ or ›Coney Island,‹ diesn´t make sense. Because unlike the previously mentioned, this is a strictly conceptual work. The pictures are not spectacular at all, but echoed by the lyrics they exert their effect. In any case with me.

Again a very good publication from BÜCHER & HEFTE (Booklets & Books).
Bücher & Hefte 2012 /// 17 x 24 cm /// 80 Pages /// Numerous color and BW illustrations /// deutsch / englisch

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