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Vincent Ferrané was born in 1974.

In 1975, when the photographer was still a baby, the musical jesters Ron and Russell Mael (that name!) aka SPARKS sang:

For months, for years,
Tits were only there
For fun and games at home
And now she says,
Tits are only there to feed our little Joe
So that he'll grow

So let's drink Harry,
Drink 'til we can't see no more

Slippery, admittedly, but in a nutshell. Only that Vincent Ferrané has chosen a completely different approach to the situation. Instead of drinking until he can't see no more, he has permanently and closely watched his wife giving breast to the newborn child, pumping milk, and how mother and child are united in happiness and exhaustion.

The fact that the time of breastfeeding can bring fulfillment but above all is very exhausting, can be experienced in the pictures. Nevertheless, the book is primarily an aesthetic treat - so beautiful are mother and child. No wonder the dad could not keep his finger off the trigger.
Libraryman 2017 /// 22 x 28 cm /// 64 pages /// Colour illustrations throughout /// Clothbound hardcover with tipped in image and embossed title

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