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Besides certain phenomena associated with leisure time activities, artist Peter Granser (* 1971), who is from Austria but lives in Stuttgart, is interested in themes that are usually taboo in society, such as aging or illness. His books of photographs, Sun City (2003) and Alzheimer (2005) quickly brought him recognition from both critics and the general public. His project Coney Island is named after an American place that is almost mythical in European eyes. Granser directs his sober, trenchant gaze toward ordinary American culture. In a state of increasing desolation since the 1960s, the aging, crowded amusement center on the beach can be interpreted today as a metaphor for decline as well as survival. With his precise color photographs, Granser observes the amusement park, made famous through black-and-white photos by Diane Arbus, Weegee, or Bruce Gilden, bringing it into the present time.
Hatje/Cantz 2006 /// 100 Seiten /// 72 farbige Abbildungen /// 287 x 287 mm /// deutsch/englisch

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